Kluctl hooks.

Kluctl supports hooks in a similar fashion as known from Helm Charts. Hooks are executed/deployed before and/or after the actual deployment of a kustomize deployment.

To mark a resource as a hook, add the kluctl.io/hook annotation to a resource. The value of the annotation must be a comma separated list of hook names. Possible value are described in the next chapter.

Hook types

Hook Type Description
pre-deploy-initial Executed right before the initial deployment is performed.
post-deploy-initial Executed right after the initial deployment is performed.
pre-deploy-upgrade Executed right before a non-initial deployment is performed.
post-deploy-upgrade Executed right after a non-initial deployment is performed.
pre-deploy Executed right before any (initial and non-initial) deployment is performed.
post-deploy Executed right after any (initial and non-initial) deployment is performed.

A deployment is considered to be an “initial” deployment if none of the resources related to the current kustomize deployment are found on the cluster at the time of deployment.

If you need to execute hooks for every deployment, independent of its “initial” state, use pre-deploy-initial,pre-deploy to indicate that it should be executed all the time.

Hook deletion

Hook resources are by default deleted right before creation (if they already existed before). This behavior can be changed by setting the kluctl.io/hook-delete-policy to a comma separated list of the following values:

Policy Description
before-hook-creation The default behavior, which means that the hook resource is deleted right before (re-)creation.
hook-succeeded Delete the hook resource directly after it got “ready”
hook-failed Delete the hook resource when it failed to get “ready”

Hook readiness

After each deployment/execution of the hooks that belong to a deployment stage (before/after deployment), kluctl waits for the hook resources to become “ready”. Readiness is defined here.

It is possible to disable waiting for hook readiness by setting the annotation kluctl.io/hook-wait to “false”.

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