delete command


Usage: kluctl delete [flags]

Delete a target (or parts of it) from the corresponding cluster Objects are located based on ‘commonLabels’, configured in ‘deployment.yaml’

WARNING: This command will also delete objects which are not part of your deployment project (anymore). It really only decides based on the ‘deleteByLabel’ labels and does NOT take the local target/state into account!


The following sets of arguments are available:

  1. project arguments
  2. image arguments
  3. inclusion/exclusion arguments

In addition, the following arguments are available:

Misc arguments:
  Command specific arguments.

  -l, --delete-by-label stringArray   Override the labels used to find objects for deletion.
      --dry-run                       Performs all kubernetes API calls in dry-run mode.
  -o, --output-format stringArray     Specify output format and target file, in the format 'format=path'. Format
                                      can either be 'text' or 'yaml'. Can be specified multiple times. The actual
                                      format for yaml is currently not documented and subject to change.
      --render-output-dir string      Specifies the target directory to render the project into. If omitted, a
                                      temporary directory is used.
  -y, --yes                           Suppresses 'Are you sure?' questions and proceeds as if you would answer 'yes'.

They have the same meaning as described in deploy.

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