validate command


Usage: kluctl validate [flags]

Validates the already deployed deployment This means that all objects are retrieved from the cluster and checked for readiness.

TODO: This needs to be better documented!


The following sets of arguments are available:

  1. project arguments
  2. image arguments
  3. helm arguments
  4. registry arguments

In addition, the following arguments are available:

Misc arguments:
  Command specific arguments.

  -o, --output stringArray         Specify output target file. Can be specified multiple times
      --render-output-dir string   Specifies the target directory to render the project into. If omitted, a
                                   temporary directory is used.
      --sleep duration             Sleep duration between validation attempts (default 5s)
      --wait duration              Wait for the given amount of time until the deployment validates
      --warnings-as-errors         Consider warnings as failures
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