Usage: kluctl render [flags]

Renders all resources and configuration files Renders all resources and configuration files and stores the result in either a temporary directory or a specified directory.


The following sets of arguments are available:

  1. project arguments
  2. image arguments
  3. inclusion/exclusion arguments
  4. helm arguments
  5. registry arguments

In addition, the following arguments are available:

  Misc arguments:
  Command specific arguments.

      --kubernetes-version string   Specify the Kubernetes version that will be assumed. This will also override
                                    the kubeVersion used when rendering Helm Charts.
      --offline-kubernetes          Run command in offline mode, meaning that it will not try to connect the
                                    target cluster
      --print-all                   Write all rendered manifests to stdout
      --render-output-dir string    Specifies the target directory to render the project into. If omitted, a
                                    temporary directory is used.