Environment Variables

Controlling Kluctl via environment variables

In addition to arguments, Kluctl can be controlled via a set of environment variables.

Environment variables as arguments

All options/arguments accepted by kluctl can also be specified via environment variables. The name of the environment variables always start with KLUCTL_ and end with the option/argument in uppercase and dashes replaced with underscores. As an example, --dry-run can also be specified with the environment variable KLUCTL_DRY_RUN=true.

If an argument needs to be specified multiple times through environment variables, indexed can be appended to the names of the environment variables, e.g. KLUCTL_ARG_0=name1=value1 and KLUCTL_ARG_1=name2=value2.

Additional environment variables

A few additional environment variables are supported which do not belong to an option/argument. These are:

  1. KLUCTL_REGISTRY_<idx>_HOST, KLUCTL_REGISTRY_<idx>_USERNAME, and so on. See OCI authentication for details.
  2. KLUCTL_HELM_<idx>_HOST, KLUCTL_HELM_<idx>_USERNAME, and so on. See Helm private repositories for details.
  3. KLUCTL_GIT_<idx>_HOST, KLUCTL_GIT_<idx>_USERNAME, and so on.
  4. KLUCTL_SSH_DISABLE_STRICT_HOST_KEY_CHECKING. Disable ssh host key checking when accessing git repositories.
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