controller run

controller command


Usage: kluctl controller run [flags]

Run the Kluctl controller This command will run the Kluctl Controller. This is usually meant to be run inside a cluster and not from your local machine.


The following arguments are available:

Misc arguments:
  Command specific arguments.

      --concurrency int                       Configures how many KluctlDeployments can be be reconciled
                                              concurrently. (default 4)
      --context string                        Override the context to use.
      --controller-namespace string           The namespace where the controller runs in. (default "kluctl-system")
      --default-service-account string        Default service account used for impersonation.
      --dry-run                               Run all deployments in dryRun=true mode.
      --health-probe-bind-address string      The address the probe endpoint binds to. (default ":8081")
      --kubeconfig string                     Override the kubeconfig to use.
      --leader-elect                          Enable leader election for controller manager. Enabling this will
                                              ensure there is only one active controller manager.
      --metrics-bind-address string           The address the metric endpoint binds to. (default ":8080")
      --namespace string                      Specify the namespace to watch. If omitted, all namespaces are watched.
      --source-override-bind-address string   The address the source override manager endpoint binds to. (default
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