Metrics of the KluctlDeployment Controller

KluctlDeployment documentation

Exported Metrics References

Metrics nameTypeDescription
deployment_duration_secondsHistogramHow long a single deployment takes in seconds.
number_of_changed_objectsGaugeHow many objects have been changed by a single deployment.
number_of_deleted_objectsGaugeHow many objects have been deleted by a single deployment.
number_of_errorsGaugeHow many errors are related to a single deployment.
number_of_imagesGaugeNumber of images of a single deployment.
number_of_orphan_objectsGaugeHow many orphans are related to a single deployment.
number_of_warningsGaugeHow many warnings are related to a single deployment.
prune_duration_secondsHistogramHow long a single prune takes in seconds.
validate_duration_secondsHistogramHow long a single validate takes in seconds.
deployment_interval_secondsGaugeThe configured deployment interval of a single deployment.
dry_run_enabledGaugeIs dry-run enabled for a single deployment.
last_object_statusGaugeLast object status of a single deployment. Zero means failure and one means success.
prune_enabledGaugeIs pruning enabled for a single deployment.
delete_enabledGaugeIs deletion enabled for a single deployment.
source_specGaugeThe configured source spec of a single deployment exported via labels.
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