Flux Kluctl Controller documentation.

The Flux Kluctl Controller requires an existing Flux installation on the same cluster that you plan to install the Flux Kluctl Controller to.

After Flux has been installed, you can install the Flux Kluctl Controller by running the following command:

kustomize build "" | kubectl apply -f-

NOTE: To set up Flux Alerts from KluctlDeployments you will need to patch the enum in the Alerts CRD. There is a patch included in this repository that can do this for you. You can apply it directly or include the yaml version in gotk-patch.yaml with your flux bootstrap. You can also add something like the following to your cluster’s kustomization.yaml:

kind: Kustomization
- gotk-components.yaml
- gotk-sync.yaml
- target:
    version: v1
    kind: CustomResourceDefinition
  path: 'alerts-crd-patch.yaml' # The downloaded patch in your flux repository